We're back.. but a little differently this time.

Boy, have our lives changed over the past year since we've been gone! In good ways, though!

Long story short, God lead our family in a new, fairly unexpected direction and it involved moving across the state and starting a family farm and homestead. As you can imagine, it's required us to adjust in quite a few ways!

That being said, here's how we've decided to do things:

During our time away, we got lots of messages from loyal customers letting us know just how much their little ones love our puzzles - and we're so thankful! (That they love them and that you guys took the time to reach out!) We wanted to make them available again, Lord willing. We're still so thankful for God's faithful direction and inspiration for our products! We prayed about it and want to be able to minister to families again, just a little differently this time.

Each month, we'll "drop" (or.. launch) one of our original designs for purchase. That's all.

All of our products are handmade from start to finish and before, each item was made after an order was placed. As you may imagine, that required lots of room for materials, shipping supplies, products, etc. and well, we just don't have that space anymore! (I mentioned the fact that we moved into a tiny house, right? Yep - 400 whole square feet. No room for extra activities, ha.) Aside from space, it took a lot of time. I'm pretty much a one-woman show (which is fine - I get employee of the month every single month!) and the time it took to make orders was more than I could handle with two littles at home with me. That hasn't changed.. in fact, I have much less time now because of homestead responsibilities and farm chores!

All of that being said, you can always browse all of our products, but only the product of the month will be available for purchase. This way, I'm able to make a set number of puzzles beforehand and once they sell out, that specific puzzle won't be available again for a while. This way, we won't have to store a huge inventory of products. Again, tiny spaces. Literally. Ha.

The puzzle of the month will drop on the first Monday of each month at 9am CST. Orders will ship the following Thursday, no matter what week you place an order. (So if you order Friday-Wednesday, your order will ship that Thursday. If you place an order on Thursday, your order will ship the following Thursday.)

I truly appreciate your understanding during this time! We wanted to make our puzzles available again, however, we just had to do things a little differently to fit our family's new rhythm.

Other exciting news:

Each month, we'll do a giveaway for the puzzle of the month! Follow us on Instagram - that's where the giveaway will be! (This will happen before the first of the month - we don't want you to possibly purchase a puzzle and then win the same one for free!)

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on Instagram (@issac.and.elizabeth) or contact us here.