About Us


I'm Mikayla, a wife, mama and child of God saved by His grace. My husband and I got married in 2017 and God blessed us with a handsome little boy, Kohen Isaac, and a beautiful little girl, Oakley Elizabeth - hence, Isaac + Elizabeth. My love for design and all things creative has taken me on quite the journey, from interior design and architecture to calligraphy and custom baby name announcements to wedding and event signage. We live in the great state of Texas and you won't find us anywhere else!

When Kohen was born in 2018, God did something special in my heart. You can read more about my testimony here, but to keep it simple: I realized that my life was quickly changing and it needed to be for the glory of God alone - to set an example for my son to lead him to Christ as young as possible. Some may not understand that, but my heart's truest desire is to lead my children to Christ, especially in today's world. My husband and I believe that discipleship starts at home, that it shouldn't be left up to the church. What children see the most is what will shape them, therefore, we believe it should be an ongoing conversation at home.

God used Kohen in some of the neatest ways to form this little business piece by piece. As his love for learning grew, God began to reveal to me new ways that I could incorporate Scripture into our daily lives. Eventually, the list became so long that I was scribbling product ideas on napkins and paper towels all over the house because let's face it, half of the time I can't even find my phone! But eventually, I heard Him whisper, "Other parents need this, too. Share it."

So at that, I got to work and Isaac + Elizabeth was formed.