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Daily Kindness Calendar

Daily Kindness Calendar

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If we said this product wasn't our absolute favorite, we'd be lying.

Our Daily Kindness Calendar is engaging and teaches your children days of the week, date (month, day, year), seasons, weather, emotions and how to act like Jesus. You can begin each morning by keeping up with the date, letting them look at the weather and asking them what their mood is. Most importantly, begin introducing Godly principles. Teaching them Godly character traits will encourage them to not only act like Jesus, but they'll learn about His heart, too. 

By choosing an "action" to be like Jesus each day, they'll begin to look for opportunities to be kind to someone like Christ is.

Lastly, our calendar includes four (4) weekly Bible verses to start with. Read the verse of the week with your children each morning and they just might be able to recite it back to you by the end of the week! We personally read ours every time we see the calendar - the repetition helps it stick with them!

See the listing photos for the character traits, actions and Scripture included. Additional Scripture, actions and character traits will be available for purchase soon, along with blanks to write your own.


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