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My Daily Gratitude Journal

My Daily Gratitude Journal

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It's important to cultivate a life of praise from the youngest age.

With this 
full color journal, kids will get excited to use their creativity to learn to thank God for everything - even the smallest things. On each page, you'll find a bookmark to date their entry, a spot for your child to write out one thing they're thankful for and then a space to draw a picture of it! There are blank handwriting guidelines to help the youngest writers. Parents of little kids, you can ask your child what they're thankful for and write it out for them to trace! Parents of older kids, the guidelines will help keep their writing neat and tidy, consistent each day. At the bottom of each page, you'll find a colorful Bible verse about praise/gratitude. The verses repeat every eight pages, so if you read them each time, your child will begin to memorize them without even realizing it!

This journal is perfect for homeschooling families that follow a school work routine and for families who have kids that go to school - it's a perfect activity to do quickly before bed to reflect on their day!

Not only are you getting your child to form a habit of praising God consistently, but you'll be able to track their writing/drawing skills as the days go on!

My Daily Gratitude Journal features:
+ FULL COLOR INTERIOR PAGES: Forget black and white - add some color to help engage and excite your child to complete an entry each day!
+ 100 PAGES: This journal includes 100 pages for journal entries.
+ WRITING AND DRAWING: Encourage your child's creative thinking, drawing and handwriting skills. Each page is divided in two - the top is for writing, the bottom is for drawing.
+ SCRIPTURE MEMORIZATION: This journal cycles through eight Bible verses. Read each one with your child each day and eventually, they'll be able to say it with you - even if they can't read yet. Consistency is key!
+ A PLACE TO WRITE YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON THE COVER: Have multiple kiddos?! Easily hand out the right journal to the right child without even opening the book by writing their name right on the cover!
+ SOFT, MATTE COVER: Soft-to-the-touch cover allows you to write your child's name in permanent marker without having to worry about it wiping off.
+ A GREAT KEEPSAKE: Parents and children will love looking back through this journal to see how growth and skills developed over time and how gratitude began at a young age.
+ 6"x9" OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Plenty of room to write, plenty small enough for conveniently tucking away when not in use.
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