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Noah’s Ark Animal Alphabet Matching Cards

Noah’s Ark Animal Alphabet Matching Cards

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*All of our items are handmade after an order is placed. Please expect 1-2 weeks before your order ships.*

These wooden alphabet matching cards are great to teach your little ones to match letters to sounds. Each letter matches with an animal, so we like to relate this product back to Noah’s Ark! Doing this helps you relate the Word of God to everyday lessons with your kids.

-Each set includes 52 pieces, 26 pairs.

-Each animal is hand-drawn by us and then engraved onto ⅛” natural birch wood.

-Each card (connected) is 4” x 2.5” x ⅛” thick.

-We sand these cards smooth before cutting and engraving them.

*Please understand that due to the laser cut nature of these items, some edge burn may be visible around cut and/or engraved portions. If you wish to remove any minor burn marks, you can sand them gently with high-grit sandpaper. Wood texture and veining will vary.

*Please note that due to different screen resolutions, physical product coloration may differ slightly from product images.

*Some of our products contain small pieces. Please do not leave children unattended with these products.

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